There are six distinct designs of poster for the 'A Cake for Every Day' project and exhibition. Each of the poster designs has been hand produced by a different artist, using a variety of printing techniques. Each design has been made in a limited edition of 20.

The only constraint imposed on the artists was the paper format and the words on the poster. The paper size was based on old music hall posters; long and slim. The designs are text heavy, giving details and dates for both the shop aspect of the event and the exhibition, plus website details.

All of the artists are fellow members of the Leicester Print Workshop. We worked independently and the result is an incredible disparate set of designs. It is amazing what can be done with a piece of paper and some ink.

Leicester Print Workshop offers an open access studio with full print facility and technical help plus a wide range of printmaking courses suited to new and experienced printmakers;

Soraya Smithson Gemma Wright Jay Seabrook Nichola Hingley Sarah Kirby Suzie Brown